Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stark Expo 2010 Website Launches

Prepare to geek out so hard, your brains might hurt a little when you are done! The marketing masterminds in charge of Iron Man 2 have launched a website specifically for Stark Expo 2010, that lavish event we see glimpses of in the new film with the stage full of Ironette dancers flanking Tony Stak's arrival in full armor. This is the Marvel Universe version of the World's fair, and now you can practically take a virtual tour with concept art, videos from Stark Industries and the 74 Expo (introduced by Howard Stark himself), downloadable art and even a 3 dimentional map of the show grounds with clickable landmarks. Run over to http://www.starkexpo2010.com/ and start planning your bootleg Expo 74 t shirts now!

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