Friday, March 12, 2010

This Weekend at Monster-Mania

I won't be updating this weekend since I'll be at Monster-Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ with my droogies running the Dread Central table, giving away free junks and prizes all day long. Things I am bringing with me include..

  • Clash of the Titans Visors and Beach Balls, for when you unleash the Kraken on Spring Break.
  • A Captain America Gumball Dispensing Belt Buckle. No, you may not have one.
  • ThinkGeek Electric Guitar and Drum Kit T Shirts for abrupt noise to drown out the voices.
  • Runaways Guitar Picks which you can hand to Scout and have her throw them to you as if she really were Lita Ford at a concert and you, her illegitimate children she forgot she had.
  • Several selections from the Quirk Books library including Sense and Sensibility...and Seamonsters..because great literature deserves a horror re-write.

Come say Hi and politely pretend you didn't notice I was drunk.

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