Monday, March 22, 2010

Things I Saw On TV Past 10pm

  • Cartoons saying Asshole. I haven't heard them drop F Bombs yet.
  • Enough Girls Gone Wild commercials to make it feel like you went on a real date.
  • A commercial for Liftits, which seems like an unfortunate mistake in product naming until you realize they also created Concealits and Tapeits. All products are boob related, with Liftits being a tape that goes around the nipple and tacks central boob to upper boob for maximum "perkification". They actually wrote Perkification on a website, but I copyrighted its mine now. I like that in the before and after pics, they look like they were listening to a story you told and now..they don't believe you.
  • A cowboy on Comedy Central sang a song that made women and jiggly men show their boobs...and they actually showed the boobs. There's a boob theme happening here. I may have been relocated to Europe..or my TV was.
  • A reality game show that took a pack of geeks, made them shave their heads, put on war skirts and paint their faces and then tested them on their knowledge of the God of War video game series. Soon after, just like spiteful Gods, they forced the dorkle (which is the term for a pack of geeks) to climb a wall and run. Very, very mean. The show was called Last Titan Standing. It should have been called "guy who knows a lot about God of War and ate the least peanut MnM's." I PROMISE you the second this is embedable, we'll have it here.

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