Thursday, February 4, 2010

LOST MEGO Styled Figures Revealed

Announced mere days ago RIGHT HERE, Bif Bang pow figures they'll skip the foreplay and NOT wait for Toy Fair (which is only one week away) and instead, will unleash the goods on their partner retail site, Entertainment Earth. Odd move! Here's the goods..

Lost 8-Inch Action Figures Series 1:

Each fan-favorite character stands 8-inches tall in a retro action figure style. With fabric clothing and multiple points of articulation.

Series 1 includes Ben Linus and Kate Austen. Coming August 2010.

Lost 8-Inch Action Figures Series 2:

Retro versions of sweet and lovable Hugo "Hurley" Reyes dressed in his mental institution garb, plus John Locke in his island attire with a knife accessory. Coming August 2010.

Very odd choices of attire for Ben and Hugo, don't you think? I hope the gamble pays off!

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