Monday, February 1, 2010

Tonner's New Female DC Stars: Harley Quinn and Powergirl

Mattel's DC Universe Classics are awesome for Marvel legends fans. DC Direct's 12 inch female dolls are excellent for the collector looking for something more fantastic...but the fan looking for the amazingly beautiful super heroine knows to look no further than the Tonner Doll Company! For 2010, Tonner kicks things off with two new pieces for the super fan.

HARLEY QUINN DELUXE DRESSED TONNER CHARACTER FIGURE - 17" Athletic Body w/ Blue Eyes and White skin tone. Where would “Mr. J” be without his comical and lethal assistant? The psychiatrist turned criminal arrives wearing a curve-hugging red and black knit bodysuit with her unmistakable hood attached to a nude bodysuit underneath. Her bodysuit is accented with faux leather "diamonds", pleated collar and cuffs, and a gleaming faux leather corset. Black and red boots, a removable black eye mask, and black and red gloves complete the look.

POWERGIRL DELUXE DRESSED TONNER CHARACTER FIGURE - 17" Athletic Body w/ Blue Eyes; Comes with interchangeable blue hands. Hailing from the KRYPTON™ of Earth Two's universe, comes POWER GIRL™! The buxom heroine arrives wearing her classic white bodysuit with signature cut-out, glistening faux leather belt, and sleek red cape. Gleaming faux leather gauntlets, pantyhose, interchangeable Caucasian skin tone hands, and faux leather boots also included.

Tonner also has a recently released Selina Kyle/ Catwoman to add to your DC Stars as well as upcoming releases of Jessica Rabbit, Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog, Alice Kingsley, The Mad Hatter, The Red Queen and The White Queen from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and Strider and Arwen from Lord of the Rings. Those looking for something a little out of the ordinary should check out Tonner's Fashion Zombies and Sinister Circus! Be warned, Tonner's creations carry a hefty price tag, but the quality is more than worth it. People used to buying above average dolls probably won't even flinch.

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